Dyslexia Testing

Is your child not making sufficient progress in reading? Are you suspecting that your child might have dyslexia? Don't second guessing yourself! Research supports the idea of early identification. The earlier that students are identified with dyslexia, the sooner they can receive the support and remediation they need. 

ProLearning offers dyslexia testing in our center at a scheduled time that is convenient for your family, including weekends. Our testing includes:

1. a written report that can be presented to public, private, and charter schools; 

2. a consultation meeting to review and discuss the results; and

3. recommendations for next steps.

Not sure if your child's reading behaviors exhibit dyslexia? Check out our resource page for some common characteristics. Remember, no two students are alike. Students may or may not exhibit all of the characteristics listed. 

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a dyslexia evaluation.