Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose ProLearning?

ProLearning distinguishes its services from others because we specialize in working with students who have learning difficulties, including learning disabilities such as dyslexia. We work to design a learning pathway for each student to ensure that we are working to remediate difficulties and enhance strengths.

Is the staff at prolearning certified?

All specialists and therapists employed by ProLearning are fully certified educators in Texas and have extensive experience and advanced degrees in their specialized area.

How will you determine what my child needs assistance with?

Instead of using a packaged program with a predetermined sequence, we administer a placement test to each student to identify areas of strength and needed growth. We will provide a prescriptive plan to support what each student needs.

My child is struggling in school, should we wait to see if the difficulties will get better?

At ProLearning, we do not promote a "wait to fail" approach. Instead, we use our experiences and current research to support our recommendations. Chances are, if learning has already shown to be difficult for your child, he/she is not likely to improve without explicit, systematic intervention or remediation. Research shows that students who are not reading on grade level by the end of 1st grade are 90% likely to continue being a poor reader. That doesn't have to be the case. While it may take longer to remediate an older student, we can still help them reach their academic potential. Give us a call today to discuss your concerns and how we may be able to help!

Read the article: Waiting Rarely Works: Late Bloomers Usually Just Wilt to learn more.

What areas does ProLearning service?

We provide services to students primarily in the Arlingon, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Fort Worth, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and Midlothian areas.