Reading/Writing Tutoring


We offer personalized tutoring in Arlington, TX for reading and writing remediation, intervention, and enrichment.

Using our placement assessment and other relevant information provided from the parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding each student's learning needs, we provide a recommended service plan, personalized for each student that includes short term and long term goals for learning, frequency of instruction necessary to reach goals, and a learning map that provides a pathway. Periodically, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be updated on progress towards reaching the goals. Students' progress will also be monitored regularly to ensure students are on track towards reaching the identified goals and to adjust instruction as needed.

Regardless of if your child needs to catch up with grade level expectations or needs an additional challenge to stay ahead, we can design a learning plan!

*This service is available for students in Kinder-12th grade in private (one-to-one) or semi-private (no more than 3-4 students) therapy sessions.

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